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NOVONIX – Performing DCIR Measurements with a NOVONIX UHPC System

Direct current internal resistance (DCIR) measurements provide kinetic information that can complement conventional UHPC metrics used to rank lifetime capabilities like capacity fade and charge endpoint capacity slippage. This document details a simple procedure for obtaining internal resistance values as a function of state-of-charge, utilizing the user defined variables and expressions functionality available in UHPC Protocol v2.6.0 and newer. Analysis of results is briefly discussed.

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NOVONIX – Performing DCIR Measurements with a NOVONIX UHPC System

The method presented here leverages user defined variables to perform internal resistance measurements on a NOVONIX UHPC system.

UHPC Protocol – Getting started with custom variables and expressions

As of v2.6.0, UHPC Protocol supports creating and updating variables or math expressions to trigger conditions within the 'Step Control Conditions' and 'Current' text boxes. This document outlines how to get started implementing these custom conditions in your test protocols.

NOVONIX – Screening Graphite Materials for Lifetime Based on UHPC Measurements of Parasitic Current in Half Cells

The method presented here is designed to allow a quantitative ranking among different materials to be made from tests on coin half cells, that can be translated to form a qualitative lifetime prediction in full cells.