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Research & Development Services

The world’s battery experts

NOVONIX™ uses its expertise in engineering, metrology, and electrochemistry to offer industry leading R&D services that support customers:

Developing and characterizing current and next-generation battery materials

Demonstrating materials or technology through pilot-scale cell manufacturing and testing

Evaluating cells, electrode materials, or other battery cell components for suitability in specific applications

Our R&D Services pair the most knowledgeable scientists and engineers in their field with the most advanced equipment available.

Our team of scientists and engineers can help with cell design and prototyping, cell performance testing, and analysis services for customers developing battery chemistries in various form factors. These can be used to compare their products against existing benchmarks and/or to understand their product performance at deeper levels. With a team of world-class battery experts, an R&D-scale manufacturing cell-line, and a sizeable testing lab, NOVONIX is leading the way in the most urgent and innovative research projects.


NOVONIX’s team of battery scientists work with our customers’ development programs to validate and enhance outcomes.

NOVONIX has a range of materials analysis capabilities for characterization of active materials, failure mode analysis, and more.

We assist customers by offering our extensive expertise in battery science with validation of materials, processes, and technology such as:

Our in-house capabilities include high-performance equipment such as:

Design and prototyping

NOVONIX’s pilot-scale cell manufacturing line gives customers an edge at the R&D level.

The NOVONIX team works with the following cell formats:

Cell formats

Stacked Pouch

Wound Pouch


We provide our customers with high-quality cell and performance data that allow robust insights to support making the best decisions possible regarding their cell design, materials, and performance.

Testing and evaluation

NOVONIX offers an extensive range of advanced testing, diagnostic tools, and in-house electrochemical performance testing to accelerate customers’ battery research and development. NOVONIX tests custom or commercial cells to determine longevity quickly, using our world-leading UHPC testing equipment.

With 2,000+ channels and thermal chambers available, we also offer testing on traditional cycler types to evaluate cells under specific use profiles and application-specific conditions.

We currently offer many testing services such as:

Key insight

Jeff Dahn’s key insight was that if measurements of the current in and out of a cell could be made with enough precision, that data could be used to make certain novel predictions about a lithium-ion cell’s long-term performance.

Develop increased confidence in cell lifetimes by comparing data with known cells, in only a couple weeks of measurements, versus months or even years in other cases.

Use data to infer how certain chemical reactions in a cell are proceeding and see these reactions on a cycle-to-cycle basis – almost real time.

Customers we serve

Since our founding in 2013, our goal has been to bring state-of-the-art battery testing solutions from lab to market.

NOVONIX has continuously expanded operations and infrastructure to service our customers. As a result, we bring competitive advantages to tier 1 customers including Panasonic, CATL, Samsung, LG Energy Solutions, and SK Innovations as well as many OEMs, specialty chemical companies, and researchers. Our performance testing solutions are anchored by our turnkey UHPC system that measures Coulombic Efficiency with the utmost precision and accuracy.

Automotive / Electric Vehicle Manufacturers

The United States expects the share of electric vehicle sales to rise, which is leading to a significant increase in demand for lithium-ion batteries. Along with the R&D services NOVONIX provides the automotive industry, anode materials – like NOVONIX’s GX-23 synthetic graphite – are a major component necessary for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

Energy Storage System Manufacturers

Energy storage systems play an important part in society’s switch to reliance on renewable energy and the demand is only growing. In the United States, energy storage capacity is quickly growing. NOVONIX supports this sector with testing, R&D services, and providing our high-performance anode materials with a longer cycle life, extending the useful life of the battery used in energy storage systems.

Consumer Electronic Manufacturers

Consumers rely on electronics that contain lithium-ion batteries every day. They’re a large segment of the lithium-ion market. NOVONIX research and development, evaluation, testing, and the materials needed to make them work. Between our BTS and NAM divisions, NOVONIX works with consumer electronics companies to provide research and development, evaluation, testing, and the anode material needed to make them work.

Battery Manufacturers

These customers’ primary focus is on battery/cell testing and manufacturing. Our equipment and team of experts assist the internal engineering team within the R&D group using our UHPC equipment to help determine Coulombic Efficiency measurements quickly and accurately.

Battery Materials Manufacturers

These customers’ primary focus is on manufacturing a singular component of the cell. They may manufacture anode or cathode active materials, electrolyte, or many other smaller components of a cell. We complement their research with both UHPC equipment and interpreting the data with our team of experts working hand in hand with our customer.

Research Institutions

These customers are focused on research and development for new materials and cells and are experimenting with chemical combinations to drive innovation in cell performance. Our precise data validates their research for thought leadership documentation and papers to further advance the industry.

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