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Our Process

NOVONIX™ is leading the way for the battery industry

Our Process

NOVONIX provides revolutionary solutions that enable the adoption of clean energy through the development of innovative sustainable technologies and high-performance materials to service the electric vehicle and energy storage industries.

NOVONIX’s synthetic graphite offers significant consumer and end-user advantages including:

Longer Life Batteries

NOVONIX’s synthetic graphite leads to longer life batteries, generating less overall waste for recycling or disposal.

Reduced Chemical Usage

NOVONIX uses no chemical purification to eliminate the risk of harmful chemical leaks, spills, exposures, and requirements for disposal of harmful chemicals.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Improvements in process technology reduce the amount of energy required to produce key battery materials. NOVONIX’s proprietary graphitization furnace technology was developed with the objective of being the highest-efficiency graphitization technology currently available for mass production.

Value Driven

Utilizing a proprietary, advanced sustainable process and performing operations locally to battery producers places NOVONIX competitively in the market for battery anode materials.

Reduced Waste Generation

NOVONIX is focused on high-yield, closed-system processing for our battery materials.

Cleaner Power Inputs

Focused on sourcing clean power for its manufacturing sites.

Industry Leading Technology

Through our internal development and strategic partnerships, NOVONIX has developed proprietary technology that includes unique continuous graphitization systems. Our proprietary processing technology provides increased energy efficiency, negligible facility emissions, and anode materials that outperform industry standards.

NOVONIX is committed to developing battery materials and technologies that support longer battery life with greater energy efficiency.

NOVONIX Anode Materials strives for the highest performance while powering the industry through lower carbon emissions.

As a part of this commitment, NOVONIX commissioned Minviro Ltd., a globally recognized sustainability firm, to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on NOVONIX’s GX-23 grade of synthetic graphite.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by Minviro Ltd. demonstrated a ~60% decrease in global warming potential (GWP) relative to conventional anode grade synthetic graphite produced in Inner Mongolia, China and ~30% decrease in GWP when compared to the anode grade natural graphite in Heilongjiang Province, China.

NOVONIX's Proprietary Graphitization Process is Leading the Clean Energy Transformation


Clean Power Sources

  • Energy input 57% carbon-free (15% renewable) with target to be net-zero by 2050

Highest Purity Input Materials

  • Minimizes emissions and contaminants

Sourcing Input Materials to use in electric vehicles and energy storage system applications that would otherwise be used in higher emmision sectors.


Proprietary Furnace Technology

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • No chemical purification



  • NOVONIX’s anode materials support higher performance lithium-ion batteries, resulting in the need for less future input materials
  • Negligible facility emissions

Strategic Relationships

NOVONIX’s battery testing technology is already being used by our partners and customers to support the development of better cell technology for their products across electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and other applications.

Phillips 66

Leading worldwide producer of premium needle cokes, the key precursor material for synthetic graphite.

NOVONIX and Phillips 66 engaged in a technology development agreement to collaborate on optimization of feedstock and anode processing with the goal of higher performance, lower carbon intensity materials. In August 2021, Phillips 66 made a US$150 million strategic investment to become NOVONIX’s largest shareholder.

Harper International

Domestic specialized furnace technology leader developing and supplying NOVONIX with proprietary systems for thermal processing.

KORE Power

Supply agreement scaling to ~12,000 tonnes of anode material to advance and strengthen the domestic lithium-ion battery supply chain.

U.S. Department of Energy

Finalized for $US100 million in grant funding to support the installation and commissioning of equipment to produce NOVONIX’s targeted 20,000 tpa of capacity from its Riverside facility.

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