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Providing revolutionary clean energy solutions to the battery industry

“NOVONIX™ is on a journey to help provide revolutionary solutions to the battery industry to enable the adoption of clean energy. As a battery materials and technology company, we have a critical role to play in how our world’s energy is used. Our products, services, and experience enable our customers to achieve their goals of making more efficient, longer life lithium-ion batteries for a more sustainable EV and battery storage future.”

Chris Burns, Co-Founder & CEO, NOVONIX

Sustainability at NOVONIX

NOVONIX is pleased to present our 2023 Sustainability Report as the inaugural publication of the environmental, social, and governance initiatives of NOVONIX Limited. This Report articulates our commitment to operating a profitable, ethical, and sustainable business and highlights the efforts and initiatives we undertook in 2023 to establish robust, adaptive ESG priorities and outlines future plans that align with our commitment to sustainability. As we develop our ESG program, we will continue to emphasize transparency regarding our performance, progress, and engagement with various stakeholders. 


We believe that an increasing emphasis on environmentally conscious battery technologies is key to a sustainable future with the prolific adoption of EVs and grid energy storage systems. Many current manufacturing methods for key battery materials are energy intensive, wasteful, or hazardous to the environment. End-users and OEMs are focused on sourcing materials from cleaner technologies. We are focused on the development of technologies that support key ESG criteria in the field of battery materials and technologies. 

Synthetic graphite

Lithium-ion batteries are increasingly prevalent and broadly utilized across the energy storage and automotive sectors. Anode material is the single largest component of lithium-ion batteries. Through our Anode Materials division, we have developed a synthetic graphite that has demonstrably lower carbon emissions compared to the largest producers of synthetic and natural anode grade graphite in the world.

We commissioned a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by Minviro Ltd – a U.K.-based and globally recognized sustainability and life cycle assessment consultancy – to support NOVONIX’s position at the forefront of sustainable battery research and production. This LCA quantifies the environmental impact of our GX-23 synthetic graphite and illustrates how NOVONIX is in a unique position to reduce the climate change impact of anode production.

Our GX-23 synthetic graphite anode material has an approximate 60% lower global warming potential (GWP) relative to the conventional anode grade synthetic graphite produced from Inner Mongolia, China and an approximate 30% lower GWP when compared to the anode grade natural graphite in Heilongjiang Province, China.

Higher-energy efficiency

Our services and equipment are designed to enable faster adoption of cleaner technologies in the energy storage ecosystem. Technologies such as our Ultra-High Precision Coulometry (UHPC) system provide industry-leading low noise and high-accuracy electronics to make precise measurements of battery performance in a shorter amount of time that are reliable and repeatable, while our all-dry, zero-waste cathode synthesis could reduce the amount of energy required to produce key battery materials. NOVONIX’s R&D Services can help with cell design and prototyping, cell performance testing, and analysis services for customers developing battery chemistries in various form factors.  


The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees and the communities where we operate are essential to NOVONIX’s success and growth. We are committed to the development of meaningful policies and measurable targets in the areas of health and safety, and diversity, equity and inclusion. Fostering a culture of safety and inclusion across our organization requires long-term commitment, and we are shaping our organization in a way that embraces these values. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Halifax, NOVONIX Battery Technology Solutions is an annual sponsor of the Discovery Awards, which celebrates individuals whose achievements in science and technology elevate Nova Scotia to the forefront of global innovation. Our partnership with Hamilton County Schools to create the NOVONIX Institute of Advanced Battery Technology in Chattanooga, Tennessee, illustrates the type of investment we’re making in our communities. We have also created strong workforce development opportunities centered around actively recruiting and hiring displaced employees of fossil fuels and manufacturing industries in addition to offering opportunities for career advancement and professional training. 

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

We recognize, respect, and embrace a more diverse and inclusive workforce, which we consider essential, as a technology company, to accomplish our mission to develop innovative, sustainable technologies and high-performance materials for the electric vehicle and energy storage industries. NOVONIX has a Diversity Policy that includes a requirement for the Board to set and annually review measurable objectives for achieving diversity, and for the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee to annually assess the Group’s progress in achieving them. The Board continues to review and monitor the Group’s diversity profile with a view to setting meaningful targets for the advancement of diversity as well as accurate reporting regarding this topic.

Workplace health and safety

We are committed to promoting employee well-being and morale by providing safe and healthy working conditions. It begins with adherence to applicable workplace health and safety laws. Beyond compliance, NOVONIX has established strict safety policy and process requirements that consider accident prevention to be of primary importance in all phases of operations. Our safety program strives to eliminate safety hazards, unsafe conditions, and unsafe behaviors and create a safe working environment. 



Our corporate governance standards must comply with the following rules and regulations. As a company incorporated in Australia, we are subject to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), and are regulated by both the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Securities Exchange. As a dual-listed entity we must also comply with certain Securities and Exchange Commission regulations and Nasdaq listing standards.

NOVONIX has adopted a suite of charters and key corporate governance documents which define its policies and procedures. The Board regularly reviews the Company’s governance documents and practices to ensure that they remain appropriate in light of changes in corporate governance expectations and developments. 

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