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Anode Materials

NOVONIX™ Anode Materials (NAM) manufactures the materials enabling widespread adoption of electric vehicles and grid energy storage systems.

About NOVONIX Anode Materials

NOVONIX is a leading domestic supplier of battery-grade synthetic graphite focused on large scale and sustainable production to advance the North American battery supply chain. Utilizing proprietary synthetic graphite process technology, R&D capabilities, and strategic partnerships, NOVONIX is positioned to accelerate the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Our growth

NOVONIX is currently scaling commercial production of synthetic graphite to meet the exponentially growing demand of our customers. We are working to increase the production capacity at our Riverside facility to 20,000 tonnes of synthetic graphite per annum (tpa) when fully operational, and the company is targeting 150,000 tpa in North America. We are leading the transition to a fully integrated, domestic battery materials supply chain to facilitate a sustainable future.

The opportunity

Synthetic graphite, the predominant anode material used today in lithium-ion batteries, is currently almost exclusively sourced from China with minimal regard for labor and environmental standards.

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