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UHPC Software

All NOVONIX UHPC Systems run on three discrete software packages. Each can be installed independently of the other.

BEEP: A Python library for Battery Evaluation and Early Prediction

Battery evaluation and early prediction software package (BEEP) provides an open-source Python-based framework for the management and processing of high-throughput battery cycling data-streams.

A Python Package to Preprocess the Data Produced by Novonix High-Precision Battery-Testers

We present preparenovonix, a Python package that handles common issues encountered in data files generated with a range of software versions from the Novonix battery-testers.

UHPC Software – Getting Started Video

A brief video highlighting how to run and use the NOVONIX UHPC Software suite

NOVONIX UHPC Control Release Notes

Latest software release notes for UHPC Control

NOVONIX UHPC Protocol Release Notes

Latest software release notes for UHPC Protocol

NOVONIX UHPC Plot Release Notes

Latest software release notes for UHPC Plot

UHPC Protocol – Getting started with custom variables and expressions

As of v2.6.0, UHPC Protocol supports creating and updating variables or math expressions to trigger conditions within the 'Step Control Conditions' and 'Current' text boxes. This document outlines how to get started implementing these custom conditions in your test protocols.

NOVONIX – Performing DCIR Measurements with a NOVONIX UHPC System

The method presented here leverages user defined variables to perform internal resistance measurements on a NOVONIX UHPC system.