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The Use of Elevated Temperature Storage Experiments to Learn about Parasitic Reactions in Wound LiCoO2∕Graphite Cells

Twenty seven LiCoO2/graphite wound prismatic cells containing a variety of electrolyte additives as well as high or low surface area LiCoO2 were studied during high temperature storage using an automated storage system.

BEEP: A Python library for Battery Evaluation and Early Prediction

Battery evaluation and early prediction software package (BEEP) provides an open-source Python-based framework for the management and processing of high-throughput battery cycling data-streams.

A Python Package to Preprocess the Data Produced by Novonix High-Precision Battery-Testers

We present preparenovonix, a Python package that handles common issues encountered in data files generated with a range of software versions from the Novonix battery-testers.

Interpreting High Precision Coulometry Results on Li-ion Cells

The High Precision Charger at Dalhousie University can be used to accurately measure the Coulombic Efficiency (CE) and the charge and discharge capacity endpoint slippages per cycle (Δd and Δc, respectively) of Li-ion full cells and Li/electrode half cells.

A High Precision Coulometry Study of the SEI Growth in Li/Graphite Cells

The charge and discharge endpoint capacities as well as the coulombic efficiency of Li/graphite coin cells have been examined using the high precision charger at Dalhousie University.

Factors that Affect Capacity in the Low Voltage Kinetic Hindrance Region of Ni-Rich Positive Electrode Materials and Diffusion Measurements from a Reinvented Approach

This work highlights the impact of various material parameters on electrochemical performances, specifically the kinetic hindrances to Li diffusion in the low voltage region.

High Precision Coulometry Studies of Single-Phase Layered Compositions in the Li-Mn-Ni-O System

Reactions with electrolyte can be detected using precise measurements of coulombic efficiency (CE) and charge end point capacity slippage. Three single-phase layered compositions in the Li-Mn-Ni-O system...

The Electrochemical Society, find out more Ultra High Precision Study on High Capacity Cells for Large Scale Automotive Application

Three nominally identical cohorts of NMC/graphite automotive Li-ion cells aged zero, one, and two years were obtained from an automotive Li-ion cell producer. The aged cells were stored at 50% state of charge at room temperature without cycling.

Variation of coulombic efficiency versus upper cutoff potential of Li-ion cells tested with aggressive protocols

Three different cycling protocols including “continuous-cycling”, “barn-charge” and “cycle-store” were applied with an ultra high precision charger to Li[Ni0.42Mn0.42Co0.16]O2/graphite and/or Li[Ni1/3Mn1/3Co1/3]O2/graphite pouch cells tested using different upper cutoff potentials.

Synthesis and Evaluation of Difluorophosphate Salt Electrolyte Additives for Lithium-Ion Batteries

The electrolyte additive lithium difluorophosphate improves the lifetime of lithium-ion cells. This work presents the synthesis and evaluation of alternative difluorophosphate salt electrolyte additives