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Faster, cleaner and cheaper.
Because the world needs it.

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The Problem

Adoption of battery technology can’t happen fast enough. Batteries need to perform better, cost less, and leave less of an environmental footprint.


The Solution

NOVONIX is a battery materials and technology company, enabling an electrified future for electric vehicles and grid energy storage. We bring better battery technology to market rapidly by leveraging our advanced R&D capabilities, proprietary technology, and strategic relationships.

NOVONIX is delivering smarter battery materials and technology for a better future

Rapid Battery Development Solutions

  • NOVONIX manufactures Ultra high-precision coulometry (UHPC) cyclers.
  • NOVONIX provides the most accurate and precise battery testing services and equipment in the world, delivering results rapidly in a matter of weeks.
  • Our battery solutions include:
    • Performance testing;
    • Prototyping, development, and demonstration services; and
    • Equipment sales.

Anode Materials

  • NOVONIX is the first contracted supplier of USA-made, high-capacity, long-life synthetic anode material, with a sales agreement with Samsung SDI, and an MOU agreement with SANYO.
  • Our anode material has achieved ‘multi-million-mile’ performance, as well as superior coulombic efficiency and cycle life compared to industry leading materials.
  • NOVONIX’s process is the green choice with less energy requirements and less emissions than alternatives.

Battery Technology IP Pipeline

  • NOVONIX is engaged in manufacturing and R&D partnerships, pioneering new materials, processes, and equipment. Current partners include Dalhousie University, Harper International and Samsung SDI.
  • We have developed a proprietary manufacturing process to eliminate waste and significantly lower the cost of cathode production.
  • NOVONIX has filed patent applications for materials and processes in advanced anodes, cathodes and electrolytes.

Our Customers



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