NOVONIX’s anode materials business, PUREgraphite, has developed a new environmentally friendly process to produce lower cost graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries in the United States. Demand for artificial (synthetic) graphite anode material is increasing exponentially due to electrical vehicle and renewables growth. However, currently all supply is coming from Asia, mostly China. To address the need for a USA-based lithium-ion battery supply chain, PUREgraphite is currently scaling its facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee to provide the high purity and high consistency anode material required for long-life batteries.


Full cell data with our graphite has already demonstrated longer life batteries when compared to the industry best products (performance of NOVONIX material vs best-in-class synthetic graphite, best-in-class natural graphite, and a leading EV company pictured here).

For more information on our high performance, cost competitive, environmentally friendly, and USA produced anode material, see our contact information below.

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