• Co-founded NOVONIX in Canada in 2013
  • Former Research Associate at Dalhousie University with the Jeff Dahn Research Group that now works exclusively for TESLA
  • NOVONIX spun out of DAL and today manufactures the highest accuracy battery test equipment in the world used by leading battery makers, manufacturers and researchers including Apple, Microsoft, TESLA, 3M, GM, Bosch, Dyson, XALT Energy, Panasonic, ATL, CATL and more
  • Has extensive R&D experience with lithium ion batteries, carbon materials and high precision battery cell measurement techniques.
  • Other previous R&D roles include:
    • Pacific Lithium - improving graphite-based electrodes in lithium ion batteries
    • DAL/Comalco – improving sodium insertion in carbons
    • Comalco - improving carbon electrode/energy efficiency in aluminium smelting