Materials Development and Characterization

NOVONIX has a range of materials analysis capabilities and provides services in the development and characterization for anode, cathode, electrolyte solvents, electrolyte additives, conductivity enhancers, and more.

Our in-house capabilities include high-performance equipment such as XRay Diffraction (XRD) with 0 D and
1 D detectors for highest data resolution or rapid data acquisition, Laser Particle Size Distribution (PSD) Analyzer for powder size measurements, and Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for rapid material imaging.

We help with the characterization, development, and demonstration of lithium-ion-battery components, including anodes, cathodes, additives, conductors, and electrolyte formulations.

NOVONIX can also enable graphite mines to elevate their graphite development. Our team of scientists are willing to process your mine concentrate through to coated, spheronized, and purified graphite powder – a truly premium anode-grade material. In addition to processing, we provide analytical testing to fully characterize your graphite using an extensive suite of tools. We can truly test the performance of your graphite and its suitability for the lithium-ion battery market.


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